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Frequently Asked Questions about BARCELONA Erotic massage

What is Nuru massage Barcelona?

Japanese Nuru massage is one of the oldest spiritual and erotic practices in Asia. The technique originated and developed on the territory of the modern city of Kawasaki, a major deep-water port in Japan. Here, for the first time, nori algae began to be mined, which became the basis of many cosmetic products, including the famous massage gel. For centuries, massages were performed by specially trained geisha and only to select clients from the ruling elite.

Nuru's principle is quite simple - a naked masseuse (or several girls), covered from head to toe with gel, stimulates the client's erogenous zones with her own body. Sensual actions bring unique pleasure to all participants in the process. The closest physical contact contributes to complete relaxation, relieves stress, gives an unforgettable sexual and emotional experience.

Nuru massage Barcelona: general principles of the ancient technique

Nuru massage Barcelona is an art, a philosophy and one of the best ways to improve the quality of your intimate life. Literally translated from Japanese, nuru sounds like "slippery, smooth." Nude masseuse and client are completely covered with a pleasant gel based on deep sea algae. Nuru is performed on a massage table, a waterproof bed or an air mattress. All participants in the process try to establish as close physical contact as possible. During the massage, the body is completely relaxed, the sensitivity of erogenous zones is aggravated to the limit.

Perfected to perfection, Nuru massage Barcelona techniques allow you to slowly and gently achieve arousal of epic proportions. Sexual excitement grows gradually against the background of the friction of naked bodies in a unique erotic dance. For practice, it is extremely important to use a good quality Nuru Gel. It works not only as a lubricant, but also as a mild aphrodisiac. The massage preparation prepares and stimulates the body for a whole new sensual pleasure.

The technique is suitable for all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and social status. A lonely person, a couple in love or spouses can experience the effect of Japanese massage. Universal practice is aimed at exploring the capabilities of the body and improving the quality of life in all areas.


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What is Barcelona erotic massage?

It is a combination of many techniques that are aimed at achieving specific goals:

stimulation of erogenous areas, and removal of surges;
stress relief and complete relaxation from everyday problems;
restoration of male strength, stimulation of testosterone production;
increased tone and communication strengthening the immune system.

Stimulos Center offers professional erotic massage services, thanks to which you will be able to get unforgettable emotions, relax, feel the beauty of pleasure and enhance your sexual energy. The masseuse can choose the technique herself or listen to the wishes of the guest. Each man is guaranteed an individual approach, thanks to which it is possible to make each session extremely useful and emotional.

There are several types of Barcelona erotic massage:

  • Aquagenic technique - it includes foreplay in the jacuzzi. The increase in sensitivity is provided by sliding the body in a large amount of foam with the addition of aromatic oils. This is a preliminary stage, designed to relax a man and prepare him for more active actions.
  • "Sakura Branch". The most common technique, which involves maximum contact through biting and touching with the tip of the tongue. This is a unique and most effective technique that allows you to awaken the most powerful sensations and emotions. A man gets incredible emotions when he reaches the peak, and the discharge will be enchanting.
  • Tantric techniques. These stimulations are aimed at increasing sensuality through powerful actions. This technique allows you to harmonize the soul and body with a fine balance between them.
  • Body massage. This technique involves carrying out actions by using the whole body. The masseuse starts with simple touches with her hands and continues to touch her nipples, buttocks, tongue and other parts of the body, affecting the erogenous zones in such a way that the man quickly reaches the peak of pleasure.
    On average, one session lasts about 60 minutes, but everything is individual, based on the chosen technique and various additions. There are also preliminary preparatory activities, including hot tubs, showers, or other activities. Helping to properly tune in to the necessary emotional wave and prepare your body.

Emotional contact with a masseuse is no less important than physical contact. Therefore, the sessions are held in cozy, soundproof rooms with the necessary furniture, lighting and sound.

Each girl is a true professional in her field. They undergo not only preliminary training, but also constantly improve their techniques, not only theoretically, but also in practice. Girls not only relax men, but also affect the muscles and skin, thereby strengthening the entire body, nourish the tissues with blood and oxygen, and relieve the effects of stress.

Features of erotic massage

A professionally performed massage is an opportunity to get such emotions that were previously hidden in the deep parts of the brain responsible for higher pleasure. The correct sequence of professional techniques allows you to reach the end with an incredible emotional outburst:

  • at the preparatory stage, an intimate atmosphere is created, a casual conversation, a shower, a jacuzzi or drinks may be required;
  • then comes the preparatory stage, which includes barely perceptible strokes and light touches. The masseuse closely monitors the reaction of the body to her actions and will take this into account in the next stage;
    the use of special warming oils to improve blood flow and enhance sensations;
    stage of intensive action;
  • slow increase in exposure, along with stimulation of erogenous zones;
    the masseuse moves the area of ​​influence more and more intensively throughout the body, as well as on the genitals;
    after a while, the guest comes to a complete discharge, but direct contact is not implied.

Almost all techniques are aimed at a constant and continuous impact on the erogenous zones. The girl's actions are perfected and intensify every minute, thanks to this, the man feels a gradual increase in internal energy with an intense orgasm at the end.

Erotic massage at the Stimulos Center in Barcelona offers a number of undeniable benefits from professional erotic massage sessions for men:

  • faded sexual emotions are restored and life with a permanent partner becomes brighter and more intense;
  • thanks to the use of special techniques by girls, the production of testosterone in a man increases;
  • muscle tissue is restored and more actively feeds on blood;


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This is a massage for the healing of the male sexual sphere.

A serious practice that allows you to solve sexual difficulties, both physical and physiological, as well as psychological.

The genitals need the same attention and care as the rest of the body.

How it works:

- Improving the blood supply to the pelvic organs and genitals.

- Relieving tension, muscle blocks, working with spikes - the consequences of diseases, surgical interventions and psychological trauma. - Impact on biologically active points associated with sexual activity.

- Removal of emotional and psychological blocks associated with sexuality

- Increasing vitality.

- Release of sexual energy to solve other life tasks (creativity, sports, realization)

How it goes:

First, a light relaxing massage of the whole body.

Next, a detailed massage:

  • belly,
  • inguinal region,
  • prostate
  • testicles and penis.

What is Lingam massage Barcelona?

In Sanskrit, the male sexual organ is called "Lingam", which in rough translation means "Wand of Light" and is perceived quite differently from the penis in the Western tradition. In Tantra, the Lingam is treated with honor and respect, as a source and conductor of creative energy and pleasure, as a Wand of Light.

The purpose of the Lingam massage is to give the receiving partner the opportunity to relax and experience the pleasure that his Lingam can bring to a person. The giving partner experiences joy when he sees how a man surrenders to the power of the gentle side of his nature. Lingam massage Barcelona can be practiced as a form of safe sex using latex gloves and as a brilliant way to build trust and intimacy between partners. In addition, this technique often helps men get rid of sexual complexes and the effects of trauma.

Orgasm is not the goal of Lingam massage, although it is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. Barcelona erotic massage is valuable in itself, its goal is itself. In the massage, attention is paid not only to the Lingam itself, but also to the testicles, perineum and the Sacred Point (the male analogue of the female G-spot), which gives the man the opportunity to experience, perhaps unusual pleasure for him. From this point of view, Lingam massage Barcelona is an interaction of both partners.

A man needs to learn to relax and accept affection. Traditional sexual conditioning has accustomed the man to an active and goal-oriented orgasmic role. Lingam massage makes it possible to open up from the feeling, soft side, and experience unusual pleasant sensations.

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What is couples massage Barcelona?

Couples massage Barcelona - refresh your senses! Passion is a clear indicator of a love relationship. But years later, family life begins to "seize life." Spouses forget about each other's preferences, quarrel, get offended and often make trips to the side. For such couples, the erotic Stimulos Center has prepared a fascinating program - erotic massage for couples in Barcelona. This is a real voluptuous extreme for two. Thanks to his unique technique, which harmoniously combines elements of different types of massage, you can get incredible pleasure.

The effectiveness of barcelona erotic massage for a couple
With a couples massage, you get a double effect - your own pleasure and watching the pleasure of your loved one. At the same time, two girls do Barcelona erotic massage. You will see with your own eyes what kind of caresses your soulmate likes. Masseuses will use different techniques. With a regular massage, the master works only with his hands, in an erotic massage the whole body is included in the action - this is a real art that is accessible to very few.

Spying on each other, you awaken a dormant imagination. Very often, a couple during a couples massage Barcelona finds new erogenous zones and tries different sexual games. Barcelona erotic massage for couples will tell you what caresses bring real ecstasy to your partner, help you discover unknown sides, experience the novelty of the moment. Your couple will have a great experience during this amazing program.

Such a session will help young lovers improve interpersonal relationships, save them from possible omissions due to embarrassment and tightness of feelings. Experience this little erotic adventure together with your loved one at the Stimulos Center in Barcelona.

Diversity is the key to strong relationships.

Erotic massage for couples in Barcelona brings an element of unusualness, brightens up a monotonous joyless life. It does not require extensive preparation. Already after the first session, you will be able to feel your partner and radically diversify your sex life. Massage for couples is an excellent prevention of betrayal and intrigue, it rekindles mutual passion, adds a fresh breeze of change to family life.

The success of an erotic massage for a couple in the Stimulos center is also achieved through the intimate atmosphere in our apartments. Awaken sexual desire will also help you:

  • incredibly comfortable beds with soft pillows;
  • melodic relaxing music;
  • aromas of stimulating incense;
  • fragrant massage oil;
  • soft subdued light with intimate flickering of candles.

Our girls know how to relax you and your partner. Before the session, you can drink a glass of wine. A small amount of vine will help warm up the blood faster, enhance the enjoyment of the massage, make it more relaxing and beneficial. You will simultaneously experience intimacy that will fill you with insane passion and love.

Such services for a married couple strengthen relationships and resist routine. Couples who once tried a joint erotic massage for couples remember this experience for a long time and believe that it helped to make their sex life richer and more interesting. Barcelona Erotic Massage Stimulos Center invites you to massage for couples. We promise that you will get a genuine pleasure that you have not experienced before, and fill the relationship with a whole new energy.

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What is tantric massage Barcelona?

Tantric massage is a method of body relaxation, not only through mechanical movements, but also through the transfer of feelings to a partner, which cannot be obtained in a specialized salon.

Features and benefits of tantric massage

Tantric massage is not a classic massage. Its purpose is not to affect the muscles of the body, but to reunite the yin and yang energies of a man and a woman. Experts believe that tantric massage in the life of a man who comprehends all facets of this technique not only reveals the capabilities of the body, but also helps to improve its internal state. Just like tantric sleep, tantric massage Barcelona carries some philosophy. To do this, we relax and direct energy to a kind of purification of the soul, thoughts and body. The meaning of this is to experience a sense of freedom from daily problems and stress, filling the body with energy, realizing one's essence, getting rid of complexes and prohibitions. As a result, a person receives both mental and physical benefits: skin improves, muscles relax and internal organs are restored. Before starting a tantric massage, a man or woman needs to undergo special training, watch a video, that is, get acquainted with detailed information, because this type of massage has its own characteristics and nuances.

Some features of tantric massage Barcelona

Tantra is a massage done in dim light. Thanks to the gentle and soft movements, touches and strokes of the massage therapist, previously blocked energy opens up in the partner. The main goal of tantric massage is to gain a sense of freedom and pleasure. During a tantric massage, you should forget about the problems of this world as much as possible and enjoy the sensations that fill you at the moment.

The tantric barcelona erotic massage itself provides for movements that are smooth and fluid, like water, of all areas of the partner’s body, but you need to be able to do this. Therefore, training with video clips is available on the Internet, which help to understand the philosophy and technique of performing massage. What you will get from a tantric massage session in Barcelona is a test of a feeling of lightness and bliss, charging the body with energy, knowing your essence, getting rid of complexes and negative energy, which will help you experience physical pleasure and a sense of absolute harmony.

Tantric massage is suitable for everyone. The degree of touching is only related to the age limit. In order to enrich the worldview and add new sensations to the personal life and life of a partner, all girls are recommended to learn how to do tantric massage. Training (video tutorials) is a good option to learn about this technique if you cannot take a special theoretical course. After completing the training, you will definitely be able to fill your personal life.

But best of all, try tantric massage in Barcelona at the Stimulos Center, our skilled and charming masseuses will plunge you into the world of hot tantric massage in Barcelona.

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