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Are you searching for the finest deals on premium erotic massages? Discover our exclusive section of special offers* and obtain significant savings on our highest-rated services! We cater to everyone, with a variety of options ranging from delightful erotic enhancements for select massage programs to bundled discounts for our loyal customers. Take advantage of this opportunity to indulge yourself at a fraction of the regular cost. Peruse our ongoing promotions now and secure your appointment for an unforgettable experience.

*Please be advised that our special offers cannot be combined. Each client is only entitled to one special offer per visit.


  1. We are excited to announce a special offer for all of our clients! For any massage program that lasts 1 hour or more, we are now including an erotic shower with one of our skilled and experienced masseuses.

    This exclusive offer is designed to enhance your overall massage experience and leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and fully satisfied. Our erotic shower is the perfect way to unwind after a massage and enjoy some intimate time with one of our beautiful masseuses.

    To take advantage of this special offer, simply book any massage program that lasts 1 hour or more and let us know that you would like to include an erotic shower with your session. Our friendly staff will be happy to accommodate your request and ensure that you have the most enjoyable and unforgettable massage experience possible.

    Don’t miss out on this incredible offer! Book your massage program today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation and pleasure with our erotic shower experience.

  2. We are pleased to share with you a new special offer for our clients! For any massage program worth 150 euros or more, including our popular 5 SENSES MASSAGE, FETISH MASSAGE, 4 HANDS MASSAGE, LUXURY COUPLES MASSAGE, and TIBETAN MASSAGE JACUZZI, we are now offering one extra manual ending.

    With this special offer, we intend to amplify your massage experience and give you an even greater sense of relaxation and pleasure.

    Ready to experience the ultimate relaxation and pleasure? All you need to do is book any massage program worth 150 euros or more and request the extra manual ending. Our welcoming staff will make sure your massage experience is nothing short of amazing.

    Make sure you take advantage of this amazing offer before it’s too late! Book your massage program today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation and pleasure with our special extra manual ending. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted erotic massage provider.