FAQ of Stimulos Center answered by our experts.

Both experiences share certain aspects, but the tantric massage at Stimulos Center goes further, incorporating specific spiritual and relaxation practices to enhance the mind-body connection.

The choice to be naked depends on the client’s comfort, but generally, in these types of massages at Stimulos Center, it is common to work with little or no clothing to facilitate direct skin contact.

At Stimulos Center, we uphold strict privacy policies. Confidentiality is paramount, and we take measures to ensure discretion and respect in every session.

The duration can vary, but generally, sessions at Stimulos Center tend to last about 60 minutes. We offer more extended options for a deeper experience if preferred.

No, these massages are designed to be enjoyed by both individuals and couples at Stimulos Center. Our professionals are trained to customize the experience according to the needs and preferences of each client.

Yes, tantric massage at Stimulos Center often aims to unlock suppressed emotions and energy. It can be normal to experience a range of emotions during and after the session.

Yes, it’s common at Stimulos Center to use essential oils or special lubricants to enhance the experience and facilitate smooth gliding of hands over the skin.

The benefits include deep relaxation, release of muscle tension, increased body awareness, and enhanced emotional and spiritual connection.

At Stimulos Center, we follow local laws and regulations that require clients to be of legal age. We respect the regulations to ensure a safe and appropriate environment.

It’s recommended to communicate with the masseuse about any concerns or preferences before the session at Stimulos Center. Dressing comfortably and arriving with an open mind will contribute to a more positive experience.

At Stimulos Center, the experience goes beyond what your imagination can conceive. You will experience absolute relaxation and a connection that will lead you to intense and memorable pleasures, generating diverse and highly pleasurable sensations.

At Stimulos Center, we work on your entire body without exception, taking you to the ultimate expression of sensuality. This is accompanied by soft candlelight, incense, and background music.

We recommend booking at least 30 minutes in advance to ensure that we can accommodate you at the agreed-upon time, without rushing and punctually. We appreciate if you need to cancel your massage, you do so in advance.

You don’t need to bring anything except your desire to receive a massage. At Stimulos Center, we have everything you need in our center, including a shower, towels, oils, etc. You don’t need to worry about anything else.

At Stimulos Center, we are located in the center of Barcelona, in a building that ensures the utmost discretion and privacy to protect your intimacy at all times.

You can contact us through various methods listed in our contact section. Whether you have questions, need information, or want to book your next appointment for an erotic tantric massage in Barcelona, we’re here to assist you.