Tantric Massage Menu in Barcelona

Discover the essence of pleasure with our exclusive tantric massage menu in Barcelona. Immerse yourself in a sensual and revitalizing experience that awakens erotic energy and promotes deep connection. Book now and let tantra guide your journey to well-being.

Enjoy the Tantric Erotic Massage That Appeals to You

Enjoy sensuality to the fullest and discover a world of pleasure with our tantric erotic massages in Barcelona. Choose the experience that appeals to you the most and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of tantra. Reserve your moment of ecstasy today.

Choose from Our Wide Variety of Tantric Massages

Select the massage experience that captivates you; none of them will leave you indifferent.

Massage Menu

  • Lingam Massage from €100

    (60 mins.)
    A massage that focuses on a deep connection with male sexual energy, exploring erogenous zones to awaken new sensations.

  • Relax Massage from €110

    (60 mins.)
    Focuses on releasing tension and promoting deep relaxation. Uses gentle techniques and calm rhythms ideal for disconnecting from daily stress.

  • Divan Massage from €130

    (60 mins.)
    Performed on a special divan for greater comfort, focusing on full-body relaxation. A luxurious and personalized experience.

  • Nuru Massage from €130

    (60 mins.)
    A Japanese technique that uses a special gel for smooth skin-to-skin contact. Characterized by gentle movements and body-to-body contact. Stimulates intimate connection and sensuality.

  • Prostate Massage from €140

    (60 mins.)
    Focuses on stimulating the prostate to bring forth new levels of pleasure. Contributes to sexual health and well-being by breaking taboos and promoting exploration.

  • Five Senses Massage from €150

    (60 mins.)
    Incorporates visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile stimulation. A complete and stimulating sensory journey to elevate emotional connection through the senses.

  • Fetish Massage from €180

    (60 mins.)
    Explores specific sensual and erotic practices customized according to individual limits and preferences. A very intimate experience of liberation.

  • Four-Hand Massage from €180

    (60 mins.)
    Performed by two therapists in coordination. Double stimulation for more intense relaxation, immersing you in a state of total well-being.

  • Aquatic Luxury Massage from €180

    (60 mins.)
    Performed in a water environment for a unique experience. Combines fluid movements with water relaxation, providing a sense of well-being and connection with nature.

  • Luxury Couples Massage from €180

    (60 mins.)
    An exquisite and sensitive experience with your partner to share a moment of pleasure and sensuality together. A journey of relaxation and self-discovery.


  • Erotic Shower €30

    (15 mins.)
    Erotic shower with one or two masseuses

  • Strap On €50

    Add some spice to your sensations by incorporating a strap-on into your massage session

Rooms for Tantric Massages in Barcelona

Enjoy the pleasure of tantra in our exclusive rooms for massages. In an atmosphere of discretion and sensuality to let yourself be carried away by the unique connection with your deep pleasure.

Professionals in Every Type of Massage

Our specialists are prepared to offer an unforgettable experience in each type of massage. Trained and skilled in specialized tantra techniques to help you release the tensions of everyday life.

Enjoy a Massage Session Tailored for You

As easy as contacting us to reserve your specialized massage session of your choice. Experience a massage designed to bring out your sensuality and enhance your well-being.

Your Massage Center in Barcelona

At Stimulos Center, your massage center in Barcelona, luxury combines with relaxation, discretion, and privacy at all times. An oasis of tranquility to enjoy a wide variety of treatments ready for you. Welcome to your well-being destination!