Prostate Massage in Barcelona

If you enjoy exploring new experiences and discovering sources of pleasure nearly uncharted, Stimulos Center offers you the opportunity to experience a world of sensations. With a prostate massage in Barcelona at our specialized center, you’ll uncover new dimensions of pleasure in your body, along with various other benefits.

Enjoy a great prostate massage in Barcelona

To achieve the male orgasm, there isn’t just one path through the penis. The options are more diverse and varied.

Did you know that it’s possible to reach a different kind of orgasm by stimulating an area beyond the penis?

There are other points through which you can attain an intense orgasm, and they offer different, yet equally exciting sensations.

Rooms for prostate massages in Barcelona

We have massage rooms specially designed for you to immerse yourself in the essence of prostate massage and enjoy it to the fullest.

A suitable environment with quality and relaxing lighting, soft music, and an intimate atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and at ease at all times.

Prostate massage aims to help you connect fully with your arousal, allowing you to discover and awaken erogenous zones that you may not have been aware of before.

The P-Spot and prostate massage

In men, the prostate is known as the P-Spot. It’s a vital gland for reproduction located near the rectum, about 5-7 centimeters from its entrance.

By stimulating the prostate, you can achieve more intense and prolonged orgasms, discovering a new dimension of pleasure.

Contrary to myths, this practice is not linked to sexual orientation. It is pleasurable and beneficial for any man, even from a health perspective, not just for pleasure.

Locating the prostate

Locating the prostate in a man and knowing how to stimulate it requires skilled and trained hands- As well as special sensitivity and touch.

That’s why Stimulos Center is the right place, with our specialized masseuses in prostate massages in Barcelona.

Proper hygiene and lubrication of the area are necessary, along with someone who helps you relax beforehand and maintains good communication with you.

Types of prostate massage

Although the foundation is the same – finding and stimulating the prostate – there are various types of prostate massages.

Each of them has its own unique characteristics.

Indirect prostate massage

The massage begins externally by massaging the perineum and gradually progresses inward to stimulate the prostate.

Direct prostate massage

This massage is performed through the anus using fingers or toys. It starts gently and gradually increases pressure.

Dual stimulation prostate massage

This type of prostate massage is a combination of the two previous types, stimulating both externally and internally simultaneously.

Prostate massages in Barcelona

In the center of the city of Barcelona, you now have the opportunity to enjoy a high-level prostate massage.

The prostate massage session

Through relaxation and stimulation, stress fades away, and mental and sexual peace emerges within you.

A prostate massage is magical and allows you to discover new things about yourself. New ways to feel and enjoy your body.

A prostate massage session is a journey of pleasure and stimulation that will allow you to discover a new type of orgasm.

The art of prostate massage: pleasure and healing

At Stimulos Center, you can discover a fascinating world with prostate massage, a way to channel a man’s sexual energy into a new center.

In this type of massage, not only is the penis stimulated, but other erogenous zones such as the perineum, testicles, or the prostate are also addressed, which are considered sacred areas.

This type of massage helps make healing more comprehensive and transcends the physical realm. It can lead to states of happiness that haven’t been experienced in a long time.

The benefits of prostate massage

In addition to intense and prolonged pleasure that you may not have experienced before, prostate massage has many benefits for any man.

Prostate stimulation for pain relief

This type of prostate massage helps alleviate pain, especially in cases of inflammation in the urinary tract.

Prevention of disorders

It contributes to the prevention of disorders by helping to drain fluids properly.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Some studies suggest that prostate stimulation may be linked to a lower likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

Improves sexual health and various dysfunctions

A prostate massage can help delay ejaculation, improve erections, and address other sexual issues.

All of this while discovering a new, endless source of pleasure!

How to enjoy a prostate massage in Barcelona?

This massage requires a relaxed and intimate environment and a strong connection with your partner.

In a comfortable position, the man relaxes on a bed or massage table, slightly spreading his legs.

The use of lubricant facilitates gentle massage of the testicles and penis. The pubic bone and perineum are massaged with care, ensuring that the man is relaxed at all times before proceeding to stimulate the prostate area.

You will discover a new sexual pleasure within yourself that you didn’t know existed.

Prostate massage in Barcelona

Now at Stimulos Center, you can embark on a journey of pleasure and body healing with our expert specialists in prostate massage.

Write to us to enjoy a unique experience!